Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Maze of Mazes new book by Yonatan Frimer

On a dark evening on the third floor apartment of an urban setting, somewhere, a place you would recognise by name. The man sat next to a window, the wind blowing outside, and the dreamy air of night wafting through the cold mountain air.

Now you know it's a place near a mountain.

As the evening ticked by, the man tapped in what appeared to be a mad rattle at the computer keyboard. Words appeared on the screen and he hacked away. The ever lasting keyboard drafting his thoughts upon the soft white screen. "information had to be created" they had told him, the secret was in making the information. Making. Creating. These are the things that were the tasks at hand. And after a long day of work, and toil, finally the wind died down, the window was closed and the work had been done.

Random though, also check out Yonatan Frimer's new book Mazes to Amaze by Tarquin Publications - if that doesn't work, and you want to see his mazes, check out this maze blog with a story about it.

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